Bad Credit Mobile Phones

There’s a general misconception that getting a phone contract is a lot easier as compared taking out a mortgage or a bank loan. However, the truth is, most providers will only work with an application and must carry out a comprehensive credit check. This is because they need to ascertain your ability to keep up with payments and also check your likelihood of committing any fraud. Reliability is key for every mobile provider. That is why, if you have bad credit, you are likely to be disapproved. And, it is very frustrating to be turned down for a mobile contract because of poor credit.

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So what do you do if you have been rejected due to bad credit? Does it mean you cannot have that sleek shiny smartphone you’ve always wanted? Well, don’t worry as there are contract phones for bad credit readily available. This means that you can get a free phone in exchange for a phone contract despite your not so pleasant credit history. Furthermore, if you do your research well, you might be lucky enough to find a carrier like Brand Mobiles that would not conduct any credit checks. Therefore, ensure you look far and wide for a provider that offers mobile phones for people with bad credit before sending in your application. Additionally, do not forget to reveal your credit records beforehand to save yourself the embarrassment of being rejected.

It is important to also note that some providers will ask you to pay a down payment first before they grant you the contract. To most carriers, a poor credit history implies that you might not be able to afford the monthly costs of the contract. You will, therefore, need to prove affordability. The amount of the download payments will vary from one provider to another and will also depend on the type of phone you want with your contract. The latest flagships will automatically cost more.


Even though mobile contracts for bad credit are not guaranteed by the majority of providers as they favour customers with good credit, you can improve your chances of approval in several ways. First, you can opt for a SIM only contract and still enjoy the benefits of minutes, data, and SMS packages. The only difference with this mobile contract is that you will not get a new phone. It’s a suitable if your current phone is in good working condition. Alternatively, you could apply for a low-end mobile phone. Remember, the risk involved will be very low, making them cheaper and consequently increasing your chances of approval.

Need a phone contract and you’ve got bad credit? No problem! You could check this site for more info on how to score a contract.